Welcome to Penna Scriptum, where it’s my job to make you look good on paper. 

My name is Kathryn Williams, and I’m a writer. I work with individuals, businesses and organisations to make you look as smart in print as you are in person.


Writing is a big part of our everyday lives: text messages, emails, letters, CVs – we often ‘meet’ people in writing before we meet face-to-face or even over the phone. And the quality of that writing is important.

It’s unfair to judge people by their writing, just like it’s unfair to judge people by their looks – but it still happens. If you send a letter or CV that has spelling mistakes and poor grammar, it’s like showing up to an interview with a coffee stain on your shirt. Not your fault, perhaps, but it still looks bad.

I can’t get coffee stains out of shirts, but I can make sure that your writing is clean and bright. I take what you give me, and turn it into a polished piece of work that says what you want it to say. ‘What you give me’ might be something you’ve already written, or it might be some handwritten notes, or an audio recording. It might just be a list of important points, and a short chat about the sort of writing you need.

See the Services page for examples of the sort of things I can help you with.


I am not qualified to give advice about anything except the use of English. I can help with almost any sort of writing, but my advice and expertise will be about the language only, not the accuracy of the information. For legal, financial, or any other sort of advice, please talk to a qualified professional in that area.

For example: If I help you to write a post for your blog, I am only there to make the English as good as it can be. All the information in the post is yours, and it is up to you to make sure that what you say is right.