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About Me

My name is Kathryn Williams, and I live in the Black Country. I’ve been writing, editing, and proofreading for years, although I only started getting paid for it in 2017. Good, clear communication is important to me; especially in writing, where there’s no body language, tone of voice, or facial expressions to help out.

About Penna Scriptum

No matter what your style, or who you’re writing for, Penna Scriptum is here to make sure your written communication is as good as it can be. Penna Scriptum was started in 2017, and belongs to the Dudley chapter of ‘Business over Breakfast’, as well as the Federation of Small Businesses.


Phone – 0799 983 5505

Note: I am my own secretary, so may not always be available to take calls. Please leave a message, and I will get back to you.

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