Beyond the Script

This page is for the things I do that are not directly tied to Penna Scriptum’s services. If you find these interesting, I blog about something from this ‘BtS’ category every Wednesday.


I work as a distributor for Wikaniko, meaning that if you buy anything through the links on my site, I will get a tiny, tiny commission (seriously, it’s something less than 5%). It doesn’t represent much for me in the way of income, but I promote the company because, as far as I can tell, they are honestly doing good work to find and sell environmentally-friendly products.

Wikaniko’s own philosophy is nicely summed up on their ‘About Us’ page. Occasionally, I will review one of their products in my blog. I also keep an eye on news about the environment, especially the small things we can all do to protect it.

Creative Work


I design games, both tabletop and digital. Currently, ‘More Tea?’ is doing the rounds with various publishers, while Sandbanks and Artless are still being designed. Updates on the blog as the work progresses.


Sometimes, I write songs. You can see (and hear)  what I’ve come up with by going to my Noteflight page. If you do any songwriting, I recommend checking out FAWM and 50/90.

Kell Willsen

When I write fiction or poetry, I do it as Kell Willsen. Not because I want to hide my identity, but because… well, go ahead and put ‘Kathryn Williams’ into any major search engine. There are literally thousands of us.