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Not sure which services you need? Here are some examples to give you an idea.
NOTE: These are made-up cases unless otherwise stated.

Personal Statement & Covering Letter

Sam is applying for a job, but needs help putting together a personal statement. Also, she has written a covering letter, but wants to make sure that there are no mistakes before sending it. If I find any mistakes, Sam wants me to correct them right away, rather than just marking them up. The exact words don’t matter very much to Sam, so long as the letter is clear. Sam’s job uses my copywriting and editing services.

Website Copy

Pravin has a local business, and is setting up a website for it. Before the website goes live, however, he wants to be sure that there are no typos or formatting errors anywhere. Pravin copies all the text of the website into a document for me to read over. If I find any mistakes, Pravin wants me to mark them up, but not correct them. He wants to choose the exact words that will be on the website. Pravin’s job uses my proofreading service.

Video Subtitles

Jean has made some videos for the internet, which need subtitles. Unfortunately, auto-generated subtitles are not very good, and typing up every word will use up time that would be better spent making more videos. Jean needs my audio transcription services.

Thesis, Essay, or Dissertation

Mandy is a university student, and is about to submit her final paper which will make up a large part of her results. She knows her subject thoroughly, but anyone can miss a typo. It’s important that the submitted work be as good as possible – so Mandy needs proofreading services.

Handwritten report

Al has to write a report as part of his job. He’s filled all the sections in by hand, and now faces typing it all out at the computer. Al’s very good at his job, but he’s not so good at typing. Al needs transcription services.

Meeting minutes

Pat and Raj run a small business, with just a few employees. They hold monthly meetings, but don’t have a secretary to keep minutes. As a result, things get forgotten about between meetings, and each person has to take their own notes. If Pat and Raj record their meetings, I can create the minutes for them. They need my audio transcription services.


Kell has written a novel, and needs it edited. Fiction is a bit of a special case, since it needs editing at least twice: once for the content, and once for the language, so she will need to get in touch with further details about what sort of editing is wanted.