Copy Editing

What it is

Copy-editing takes a piece of writing (of any length) and makes sure it is ready for publication. As well as basic spelling, punctuation and grammar issues, I’ll be looking out for repetition, awkward sentences, and inconsistencies. In fiction, I’ll also be looking for plot holes and timeline problems – and checking that the characters don’t suddenly change their names or appearances halfway through the story.

What it is not

Copy-editing is not rewriting or rearranging large parts of the work. If a piece of writing needs to be changed that much, it becomes a copywriting job, with the writing you gave me acting as the source notes. And, just like my copywriting services, fact-checking, research, and image sourcing are extras.

Copy-editing is also not proofreading. Proofreading is making sure that a document is ready to go to print – examining every letter, every space, and every piece of punctuation to make sure that there are no errors. Copy-editing does include basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar checks, but the point of editing is to make sure that the message comes through clearly.

What I need from you

Completed, written copy, in an editable, electronic format. If you only have a hard copy, then please get in touch to discuss possible workarounds. 

What you get

A piece of writing that says what you want it to say. It will be easy to understand, written in an appropriate style, complete, and professional.


Things I can edit for you:

  • Fiction (any length)
  • Business writing (any length)
  • Application forms
  • Official letters
  • Website copy and/or blog posts

…and more.

For more information, please get in touch. Or follow the link in the menu above to request a personalised quote.